Bird, watering flowers.

What kind of bird? Nobody knows. Maybe a penguin wearing a Hussar uniform? Maybe a crow? Like a number of other pieces from his Recycling Art series, this one hung for a while on a wrought iron fence in a tiny, nameless park at the corner of Pinehurst and West 181st Street in Washington Heights. If it had been hanging there at the time the Google van passed by, you would have seen it somewhere near the middle of the StreetView image (below), to the right of the landing on the stone staircase. Washington Heights was Konstantin Bokov's haunt for a long time, and now I can talk more freely about specific places because he has moved.

By the way, funny story about his guerilla park exhibits-- according to him, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation has started securing the art he has hung on some of their fences with special wire in order to discourage theft and vandalism. Does this mean that the Parks and Recreation people no longer consider his art itself to be vandalism? If so, this is a small victory for the respectability of street art. And the writing is on the wall, so to speak, for you collectors of street art-- keep your eyes open and grab it while you can because it's only a matter of time before they bring out the plexiglass and motion detectors!

Update: smaginnis11565 on Flickr has posted a few photos of Konstantin's art at that very spot.

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