Pantheon, Paris

In 1983 Konstantin Bokov stayed at Cite Internationale des Arts and while there created many paintings and sketches of Paris and its inhabitants. This one is of the Pantheon, but I don't know which building the tower in front of it belongs to, couldn't find the corresponding Google Street View, and for now will have to settle for an overhead view. Does anybody recognize this specific location? Please post. It's an art scavenger hunt!

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  1. Hi Konstantin, I finally found your website :-)
    I'm so glad to let you know I recently bought two of your works from the early 90s - two masks, absolutely great. Would love to know a little bit more about them, if that's ok. How do I send you pictures?
    All the best from Switzerland,

  2. Hi I recently acquired two works of yours - wonderful 'masks' from the early 90's. would love to know more about them - can I send you pictures of them?
    Kind regards from Switzerland

  3. Hello! Thank you for supporting my father's art. Yes, of course we would love to tell you all about them. You can email the photos to Bokov.NYC@gmail.com. Next time I talk to him, I'll ask him all about the masks and tell him that he has a fan in Switzerland. He loves hearing about how people in unexpected places encounter his art.

    --Cheers, Alex (Konstantin Bokov's son)